Hampshire churches 9 – St Hubert, Idsworth

The church, or chapel, of St Hubert in Idsworth is just inside Hampshire, near its boundary with West Sussex.

Charmingly alone in the middle of a field, near only one dwelling, it is reached by a grassy uphill path. Its site may have been that of an earlier church and there was a manor house nearby, now gone.

I deliberately waited for a really fine day to visit this church, because I knew the quality of the light would be important. The church has only plain glass windows – no stained glass here – and as a result is unusually light inside for such an old and small church. It dates from no later than AD 1053, possibly earlier.

It is rich in ancient wall paintings, having survived the ravages of the Restoration and Puritanism because it was too poor for anyone much to care about it.

Sensitively restored in 1912 by the architect Goodhart-Rendel, this church is beautiful for its simplicity.

I am posting only a few photographs here; if you would like to see more, please click on this link.


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