Happy Christmas and an invitation

A happy Christmas to all my readers…

Romsey Abbey, Hampshire.
Romsey Abbey, Hampshire. Photo © 2012 Stephen

Quite a nice picture, but if you feel you’ve seen it before you’re right. I used it at this time last year. I’m embarrassed to find that among my many photographs I have nothing really appropriate to illustrate this Christmas message. But I feel sure some of you will have. So here’s an invitation. Please send me your best Christmassy photograph, and I’ll replace the photo above with the one I like best. Full credit will of course be given. Submissions should be clean and decent, not very small or very large: 1-5 MB would be ideal.

Please don’t send photographs of children, no matter how cute. I won’t post photos of my own grandchildren on the web, so I certainly shan’t post yours. That apart, the main thing is that they should say ‘Christmas’ loud and clear. As soon as I get one I like, I’ll put it in place of the one above. Thereafter I’ll rotate any others that I like.

Don’t forget to let me know what name you’d like me to use in the credit. There are still twelve – or is it now eleven? – days of Christmas, so on your marks, get set, go.

Edit, 19 January 2014: Disappointingly, no one took up the invitation.


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