Life in the bus lane

Until a fortnight ago I had not travelled on a public bus for about 50 years. Like so many people, I had become accustomed to the comfortable cocoon of my own car. But when my son pointed out the extreme ease with which I could fulfil a family engagement by getting on a bus for some twenty minutes or so, I was jolted into doing so. It was a revelation. The return journey was after dark, and I hate driving at night. Suddenly someone else was taking the strain, and very capably too. The bus was quick and comfortable, and I was most impressed by the skill with which the drivers manoeuvred such large vehicles in sometimes quite challenging conditions. It also meant I could have a drink before a show without a care in the world about drink-drive law.

Since then I have obtained an old person’s bus pass from my county council, and now the world is my oyster ā€“ entirely free of charge. What amazing good fortune.

So yesterday, with the sun putting in a rare appearance, I boarded a bus a few minutes from home which took me to Winchester, ancient capital of England. Before making the return journey, as the last of the light was fading, I took this photo of a cosy pub at the southernmost edge of the city. A very ordinary photo, taken on my phone, of a small pub on a January evening. Yet how it glows with invitation. Inside was a log fire which I sat beside after being encouraged to do so by the lad behind the bar. Something of England still lives.

The Bell Inn, St Cross, Winchester
The Bell Inn, St Cross, Winchester

2 thoughts on “Life in the bus lane

  1. Welcome to the new World. Yas, some things still live, for now.
    I have been a member for some years now, so appreciate the convenience and lack of the usual hassle (and cost) of driving in urban areas. But I do worry how long it will last. Our local bus company providing this service went bust some months ago, and the service has been sporadic at best since then, with anything but the new busses you describe.
    Enjoy it while it is there. I do.

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