Old Spice

Lea & Perrins

Recently, we bought a carton of tomato juice to make a change from grapefruit juice at breakfast.

I found it a bit bland, so on Thursday I reached down our bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce from the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard. The bottle looked a bit old and dusty but I reckoned there couldn’t be much to go wrong with Worcester sauce, so I sprinkled a few drops into my glass of tomato juice. It did the trick just as ever – pepped it up nicely.

This morning I did it again, this time using rather more Lea & Perrins. It still tasted fine. But out of curiosity I decided to see whether our bottle predated Best Before dates or whether it had one hidden away somewhere. Eventually I found a faded Best Before date on the top of the cap: May 1998.

The label of the sauce proudly proclaims ‘Blended and matured for 3 years’. Well we can do better than that. Ours has matured for at least 18 years.

Here’s what the label tells us is in the sauce: Malt Vinegar, Spirit Vinegar, Molasses, Sugar, Salt, Anchovies, Tamarinds, Shallots, Garlic, Spices, Flavouring. (Wouldn’t have thought that lot would need ‘flavouring’.)  Anyway, most of the stuff feels as if it would work like a preservative, though I suppose the anchovies could be a worry after 18 years. If this is my last blog post, you’ll know they were.


2 thoughts on “Old Spice

  1. Buy yourself some fresh Lea & Perrins and I can also highly recommend a sprinkle of celery salt to perk up your tomato juice. M+S sell it in a handy spice bottle size.

    We’ve had very similar problems with dead consumables but I don’t think we’ve ever gone that far back! I think our last similar experience was with a bottle of Tabasco sauce that I just assumed lived forever.

  2. We use it frequently, and now we have a bottle of “Special Edition, For a Fuller Flavour”, it says. It also says use before date on end cap, but there is no date. We also use Thai Fish Sauce, which is similar, and used in everything in Thailand, including corn flakes I suspect. For the hot sauce, you could try Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce. We use buckets of the stuff, and much prefer it to Tabasco, but it’s very hard to find. We grow lots of chillies in the garden, far to many really, and make our own. We supply all the neighbours and relatives with fresh chillies.
    I general I don’t abide by “Best Before Dates” unless it looks or smells funny.

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