The spring is sprung

Itchen Navigation near Brambridge

A friend has lent me his Nikon V1 camera, with the Nikkor 6.7–13mm lens, a wide angle zoom. (The 35mm equivalent focal length is 18–35mm.) I got the camera yesterday, and the weather was kind, with lovely sunshine and blue skies. So I trotted off along the Itchen Navigation here in southern Hampshire, like a child with a new toy. I didn’t take much more trouble than trying to frame my shots decently, though the one above has been tweaked just a little. I’m not going to try to compete with the serious camera review sites, but I do think the V1 has been reviewed rather ungenerously. In my short acquaintance with it so far, I’ve found it pleasantly simple to use, with a reassuringly solid build quality. In other words, running against the current trend of ever increasing complexity.

If you’d like to see some more photos, go here.

Oh to be in England, now that April’s there

One thought on “The spring is sprung

  1. It is sure that you live in a beautiful part of the country. Possibly the best. But I wonder if the relative complexities of a DSLR, favoured by professionals, with it’s size, weight, and attachments, outweigh the admittedly more complicated bridge cameras, with their huge telescopic ranges in a single lens body permanently fixed to the camera body, often with no viewfinder at all.

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