Do not be young, do not grow old

To the Flower Pots Inn at Cheriton to collect my weekly beer ration. No time to buy a newspaper of my own, so borrowed the pub’s Telegraph to read with my pint. By good fortune, the main columnist today was Mary Riddell, an unlikely writer for the Torygraph and much too good for it, though I gather she is one of the paper’s Assistant Editors.

Writing about this miserable election campaign, she says:

“If David Cameron wins tomorrow, do not be poor, do not be frail, do not be young, do not grow old. Do not be hungry or disadvantaged or disabled, or you are liable to bear the cost of balancing the nation’s books.”

Thank you, Mary Riddell, though I fear your words will have fallen mainly upon stony ground.


3 thoughts on “Do not be young, do not grow old

  1. It may be because most people, if they read a newspaper at all, read papers like the Daily Mail and the Sun, whose agenda is that of their right-wing owners, which is to make money by hawking sensationalist trash.

  2. True. I sometimes watch interviews on TV with these readers, and I am surprised at the readiness of these readers to quote what they read without a second(s) thought of their own. And it is too easy to represent “opinion” by a careful selection of members of the public.

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