VE Day – something to celebrate?

Seventy years ago today, on VE Day, there was every reason to be proud to be English and British. After a long and terrible war, we had triumphed against the forces of bigotry and oppression. And soon afterwards, we elected a government of politicians who can now be seen as heroes: Attlee, Bevan and Bevin, men who created a welfare state for the world to admire and envy.

Today, with the re-election of the Cameron government, we celebrate rather different values. The men we, as a nation, have re-elected today are busy dismantling the welfare state, apart from those bits that can be sold off at a snip to their private equity chums for their further enrichment. We have elected men who want to be nasty to the poor, the disabled and foreigners. Men whose God is Money.

There is, as far as I can see, only one single piece of good news in this morning’s election results. Caroline Lucas has not only been re-elected in Brighton, she has increased her share of the vote by 10%, no mean achievement in a country whose main attribute now seems to be meanness of spirit.

Can David Cameron, George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling really govern for me, as Mr Cameron has this morning promised? I don’t think so.

If I were a young man I would now leave England, the country I once loved, and head for some land in which people – and especially their leaders – still have vision and noble aspiration.


2 thoughts on “VE Day – something to celebrate?

  1. i have to agree with you Stephen and I will encourage any young person to go and seek their fortune. Unlike Dick Whittington they may have to travel a little further afield to find what they seek. It will be interesting to see how Scotland now fairs!

  2. Stephen.
    As directed by your link posted elsewhere, I have read your blog posting and I am saddened that you see only ‘doom and gloom’ as this country’s politcal future.

    As Northerners living in the “Labour Heartlands” we will probably feel the icy cold fingers of the new Tory regime just as keenly as we feel the Artic winds as they sweep down our mainly deserted beaches. However, just inland from those little used beaches I cannot fail to notice the generally acknowledged signs of urban re-generation.

    After nearly 150 years of mass industrialisation had left their ugly scars on the area around us, the pit heaps have been levelled, the waggonways turned into walk and cycleways, and now green fields grow cereal crops once more. In at least 3 of those fields hundreds of new houses are being built, and being populated, by all sorts of people. Families, young, and old, willing to set down permanent roots and like we did 23 years ago, found a peaceful welcoming community, which is generally regarded as a good place to live. Schools, Hospitals, Doctor’s surgeries abound, a ‘New World’ industry( NaREC Wind Power’s clean answer to the long demolished and filthy Blyth Power Station) resides just by the River’s mouth, all combining to make this a good place in which to live and to retire.

    Yes, some of our roads have potholes and some of our drivers couldn’t be left in charge of a dolly’s pram, but all in all it’s a great place to come home to. When our Bristolian friends come up for a holiday they always remark how peaceful our lives seem to be and return South feeling totally relaxed.

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