Urgently needed: a fairer electoral system

To my readers: the ensuing appeal to sign a petition for a fairer electoral system comes from an organisation called Avaaz. I have signed the petition enthusiastically. I hope you will join me.

Thank you.



Many of us have woken up this morning in a state of shock. Opinion polls predicted a very different election result – but the reason the polls misjudged this so severely is because we have an electoral system that simply isn’t fit for purpose.

The first past the post system is designed for two-party politics. But that’s just not our landscape any more. Over 1 million voted for the Green Party and got just one seat, and whether you agree with them or not, UKIP also suffered from this yawning democratic deficit.

With 1 in 3 people not bothering to vote, we need to reconnect politics to the people. Let’s end the era of ‘wasted votes’ and create a system where every voice in Britain matters. Let’s call on all our MPs to fight for an electoral review as soon as parliament reconvenes.

Please sign now:



2 thoughts on “Urgently needed: a fairer electoral system

  1. When I left UK in 1959 and came to Norway, it was like a revelation to find far, far more genuine democracy here. Voting in UK was like peeing in an ocean. But in Norway anyone could and still can get their comments and articles published in the press if they try and write o.k. This is a case of ‘small is beautiful’. Proportional representation works far better than first past the post, giving some give-and-take coalitions which have been very beneficial. It does however tend to give political parties more say than 1st past the post in choosing those who get into power… the long-term foot slogger member will rise to a position of influence more easily than a fresh mind and a highly-gifted newcomer.

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