A visit to the Garden of England (and a brewery in Sussex)

Last week I spent three days with relatives in Kent. Some of my growing-up years were spent in Kent, and though the county is not quite as pretty now as it was then, many parts of it are still delightful.

Harveys brewery asf+
Harvey’s Brewery

On one day, my brother and I drove to Lewes in East Sussex, primarily to visit the Harvey’s Brewery shop, but also to look around other shops and even sample a pub or two. We both very much liked the bustling John Harvey Tavern, in an alleyway right opposite the brewery shop.

On another day, we walked around a very large ‘pond’ – Furnace Pond – near Horsmonden.

Furnace Pond, near Horsmonden

Adjoining the pond are two large fields separated by a traditional and beautifully maintained beech hedge, presumably a wind break. It looks rather startling in its setting.


After the pond walk, we went to a nearby pub called the Halfway House in an area oddly known as the Isle of Wight. I can only guess that the name is derived from a lozenge shaped enclosure formed by surrounding roads.  The Halfway House offers an excellent selection of traditional beers, drawn straight from the cask. Highly recommended.

The Halfway House

Photographic footnote: Those of you who care about such things may have noticed an inconsistency in the quality and colour balance of the photos in the above blog post. The first photo, of Harvey’s Brewery, looks like an old postcard, albeit unintentionally. It was taken on my iPhone 4s, and my attempts to improve it have clearly failed. The Harvey’s shop photo was also taken on the iPhone 4S. There then follow two much better shots from my recently acquired Panasonic Lumix LX100. To see them at their best, click on them. Finally, the photo of the Halfway House was taken some years ago on a Panasonic FZ5.

Harveys Brewery notice

Orthographic footnote: Like many companies nowadays, Harvey’s omits the apostrophe that pedants like me would prefer to see. This poses problems for anyone writing about Harvey’s Brewery, because Harvey’s are not quite consistent. They have chosen, pleasingly, to retain a very old-fashioned shop front bearing the single word ‘Harvey’ followed by a fullstop. Logically, its possessive form must therefore be Harvey’s. And a recently redesigned handpump label for Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter does have the apostrophe. The names on the brewery building itself do not. I have decided to use the traditional possessive throughout.


5 thoughts on “A visit to the Garden of England (and a brewery in Sussex)

  1. The visit to Kent and East Sussex haunts was made all the more pleasurable by some lovely weather.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Ian. Hope all well with you, Marta and Zosia. Looking at your latest blog post, I see Zosia has turned into a young woman.

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