On a clear day…

I had my second cataract operation today. As far as it is possible to say only 11 hours later, it went well.

I had been dreading it. No point in telling me that over 90% of all cataract operations are entirely successful and free of complications. I have a friend who lost her sight in one eye as a result of a botched cataract operation in the same hospital. Of course it can happen and proves nothing. And even without that, no one who hasn’t had eye surgery can understand the deep-rooted and natural fear that it evokes as the day draws nearer.

In fact, today’s op felt better than the first one did, back in September. There have been a few small niggles since then on that first one, which again undermines one’s confidence. Nothing serious, but not perfect either.

So this evening I feel as if someone has just lifted a hundredweight off my shoulders. And even this same day, my sight felt better than for many years. The weather here in southern Hampshire has been great. Bright sun, clear skies, even if pretty cold. And this afternoon a Lesser Black-backed Gull wheeled gracefully over my back garden in slow motion and my vision through outdated prescription sunglasses gave me a brilliant view of it.

So, onward and upward.


2 thoughts on “On a clear day…

  1. Oh, how I agree with all your sentiments over this operation Stephen! ,was exactly the same here,
    but all turned out ok, but i had same fears with a hearing op, and that DID go badly wrong..
    looking back, I think that if it had of been in America, i would have sued for thousands!…….
    P.S. had a Green Woodpecker on my lawn today, a RARE treat!

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