Theatre music

A postscript to my previous post about my recent cataract operation.

As you would expect, after being wheeled into the operating theatre, various things are done in preparation for the op. And while that was happening, some awful ‘soul’ music was being played in theatre. God knows why.

My surgeon: Could we have that music turned down a bit. It’s getting on my nerves.

Me (hastily): Mine too. It’s like being in Marks & Spencer.

Surgeon (to me): What music would you prefer?

Me: Well – either classical up to about Mozart. Or some modern jazz piano.

Surgeon, to some unseeable underling: Could you get the playlist from my iPhone (giving them his passcode).

Next thing, we’ve got Mozart on the theatre sound system. Lord knows how. But, music at the patient’s choice – and this is the NHS. Who would believe it? Thank you, Mr MacLeod.

Postscript: Thank you, too, for making it possible for me to go birding without even wearing spectacles. A real life enhancement.


One thought on “Theatre music

  1. Now that’s what I call over and above the call of duty! Did you identify the Mozart opus? I think the so called ” Mozart Effect” (vide) was brought into place. See also I think My choice would have been Johnny Nash’s I Can See Clearly Now. But you wouldn’t have wanted a delay whilst they searched on Spotify or elsewhere. Whatever works.

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