The New Look

The River Itchen at Twyford
The River Itchen at Twyford

It’s the last day of May, my favourite month, and the temperature in my house, just six miles from the south coast, is barely 20°. I had the heating on for a while earlier.

My photo, taken in the village of Twyford on 27th May six years ago, shows just how lovely England can look in late May.

Even this year we have some spectacular foliage here in Hampshire, but May temperatures have been disappointing.

My regular readers may notice a slightly different look to the blog. It is hosted by, who offer a wide range of templates. There was nothing wrong with the template I have used since starting the blog in 2010, but I felt that a change would be good. One thing I didn’t like about the new template was the sanserif text face. But WordPress offers a choice of fonts within each template, and I have now chosen a serif face. But the font that appears seems to vary from one viewing to another: sometimes I get the sanserif font I don’t much like, sometimes the one I’ve chosen in its place. You may notice the same.

I’m thinking of making the blog more pictorial – a minor showcase for my landscape photographs, which are seldom dramatic but usually quite pleasing, or so I like to hope. Thrusting young photographers would almost certainly dismiss them as ‘chocolate box’, at best.

Comments from my readers on these and any other matters are always welcome.

Meteorological summer starts tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. Just can’t wait for endless days like 27/05/10. A bit too cool today.
    Like the blog presentation.

  2. What I mean is “I” like the blog presentation. You might have misinterpreted my writing as “cool presentation”! But, again that could be flattering.

  3. Last week I cycled in the Mendip Hills, from Wells to Priddy, and returned via Wookey. The countryside was at its very best. The trees and hedgerows were a fresh and vibrant green. The verges were a froth of Cow Parsley, or Queen Anne’s Lace as some call it, though oddly there was no Pink Campion with it as I would have expected. Apple trees, both in orchards and those growing in hedgerows, possibly from discarded apple cores, were covered in a dense blanket of blossom. This exceptional beauty is so fleeting though. A spell of unsettled weather, and the next time you are out and about that freshness might already have passed.

    1. How I share your regret at how ephemeral Spring’s beauty is. One longs to stop the clock in May each year, but we never can.

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