Biggles lives!

Tiger Moth at Headcorn

A flight in a Tiger Moth was the present my brother’s daughters gave him for his 80th  birthday. The flight was booked for last Sunday, and after several days of anxiety about the weather, it turned out warm and sunny all day. So the flight was followed by a family picnic (14 people of all ages) on the grass at Headcorn aerodrome in Kent.

Meeting the pilot

The atmosphere at the little aerodrome is totally informal, with not an official in sight all day, other than three staff members of Aero Legends, the company that runs the flights. Car parking all day in a large and well kept grass field was free.

I had the impression that many of those present were aircraft enthusiasts enjoying a free day watching and photographing light planes taking off and landing. At one point the pilot of a more modern biplane gave us an impressive display of aerobatics.

My brother Biggles thoroughly enjoyed his flight!


Happy landing



2 thoughts on “Biggles lives!

  1. Unusually refreshing with the seemingly lack of endless security/identification/procedural checks so common everywhere today.
    In contrast, yesterday I went to watch the Wimbledon Qualifying event in Roehampton. It is also a very informal event that I have been attending for about 20 years. Entry is free, as is the car parking in the neighbouring streets.
    But this year security check have been introduced for the first time. I had to queue for about an hour whilst one “inspector took down all the relevant information from identification documents. Those who did not have proof of identity were turned away. Fortunately I had my driving license, which was accepted.

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