An image a day

A pair of Italian beauties
A pair of Italian beauties, Cheriton, June 2010

There are almost 20,000 of my photographs in my computer. Most of them are never seen and not worth seeing. I suppose 95% are dross. Anyway – for my own pleasure as much as anyone else’s – I am planning to post an image a day for a while.

There is no suggestion that I consider them particularly good, only that I like them. Generally, I shall provide only a brief caption giving the location and date of the photograph.

To launch the series, here are two Italian-framed lightweight bicycles. I love the look of traditional lightweights from the era before aerodynamics and carbon fibre. The two in my photo were among those belonging to members of the Hampshire branch of the Veteran Cycle Club, seen here in the orchard of the Flower Pots Inn.



One thought on “An image a day

  1. Nice. Brake cables that stick up in the air instead of the modern way of hiding them under the bar wrapping tape, rat trap pedals with leather straps,, instead of ski type shoe clips and minute pedals to match, down tube gear change levers, instead of brake lever changers, fancy lug work, and proper brakes. No sign of discs. Very similar to my Mercian.

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