Deleted images: an apology

I have done something silly. Intending only to clear some of the images in my media library, I have inadvertently deleted many images that previously appeared in my blog posts.

My apologies to all who find the images have disappeared.


5 thoughts on “Deleted images: an apology

  1. Huge sympathies, Stephen. We’ve all done similar things, I imagine, and it’s a heart-stopping moment. Is it worth exploring with WordPress whether any of their auto-back-up or archiving systems can contribute to a less time-consuming solution for you?

  2. What makes it all so much worse is that in their information about deleting images, WordPress explicitly state that deletions are instantaneous and irretrievable. There is no interim transfer to a Trash folder. I fear it is all worse than I thought, because I can see no recent images in the Media file at all. So it may be that the only reason I can still see some recent ones in the blog is through some sort of cache. Can you see the images in my last few blog posts?

  3. Yes, I can see them but, as you say, that may be a cache thing. I’ll experiment. I still think it *might* be worth an email to WordPress, given the large-scale nature of the problem, just in case they do have retrieval techniques they don’t generally share.

  4. After refreshing from the server, all posts back to 23 January still have images. Before that, some posts are missing their images and some still have them. Not sure that helps much!

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