Who am I?

SCH b&wI am a retired man, a grandfather of five, who lives in Hampshire, in southern England.

My blog contains posts on a variety of topics: birds, dragonflies, fungi, the Hampshire countryside, old churches, pubs and beer.

Almost all the photographs in the blog were taken by me, with the exceptions credited where the photographer is known.

All my photographs are free to download for personal use. Commercial copying, reproduction and selling without prior written consent is prohibited.

I retain the copyright on all my photos.

Unfortunately, many of the images, particularly in the Hampshire churches series of posts, have been inadvertently deleted. My apologies to all readers who have been frustrated by finding no images.





5 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Informative, restrained, erudite, almost scholarly. Brilliant photography. Well worth the wait.

  2. Great photograph of Farley Church (P10007771). Can I have your permission to use it in the Annual Report & Accounts for St. John’s of Farley 2013. I will of course credit you. Thanks. Steve Pybus FIET. Secretary to the PCC.

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